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A Kosher Butcher

Practical Parshah—Vayishlach

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A Kosher Butcher: Practical Parshah—Vayishlach

The story of Jacob’s struggle with an angel provides the source for the prohibition of eating the sciatic nerve of an animal. In this class, other complicated issues involving the preparation of kosher meat are also discussed.
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Nikkur, Parshah, Gid Hanasheh, Jacob Wrestles with Angel, Vayishlach

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Brad Riddle salem November 24, 2018

Every detail is important. The world is watching. Never make the details null, but don't ever, forget the weightier matters. In eating not so hard, when in doubt, do without. But other details also important, may require a struggle beyond a small choice of this or that. That is Jacob's struggle. He didn't have a choice to fight. Did he? Be a proud Jew, but don't be arrogant, you will be tested. Reply

Jonathan K Christchurch, New Zealand via November 25, 2010

Very inspiring... I am a qualified meat retailer (shop butcher) and non Jewish. I have a fondness for learning and knowing about Jewish culture, customs and other interesting aspects.

Rabbi Medel Kaplan blew the socks off my feet with this powerful lecture regarding the sciatic nerve and the angel.
I hung onto every word and often 'played back' to get the full meaning of the script.

Thank you very much for a wonderful and thought provoking insight about kosher meat. Reply

Wendy Rosen Los Angeles, CA November 20, 2010

our enemies I liked the point you made about the Esauites being our enemies, and NOT the Ishmaelites. As a Jewish woman who has survived half of my family being systematically killed by church persons; only my two daughters and I survived. The reason we survived was because of Saudis and non-church Jordanians who risked their lives for us. This happened in the present day. I am living proof as a Jewish person that what you said in your lecture is true. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan November 20, 2010

Fascinating! Your teaching "every detail decision we make in every moment of our live is the end in itself" gives me inspiration to practice what is right with joy. And it is fascinating to know that one mitzvah has such a heavy background. Reply

Each week, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan will delve into that week's Torah reading to bring out a practical lesson for life and explain the Biblical sources for the customs, laws, practices and ethics of our people.
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