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The Meat of a Miracle

Why we don’t eat sirloin steak

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The Meat of a Miracle : Why we don’t eat sirloin steak

A tantalizing teaching about the improbable prohibition against sirloin steak; featuring varying flavours of rabbinic reasoning and seasoning. Discover the ultimate purpose behind this mitzvah of Gid Hanasheh (sciatic nerve); illuminating the sweep of Jewish history, down to the tiny details. Deeply scholarly, this rumination draws upon a wide range of classical sources, yet provides the student with inspiring and practical lessons for life.
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Gid Hanasheh, Vayishlach

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JW Shafranek October 12, 2023

I was led this morning to this message, because I am profoundly sad at recent events and asked G-d 'why?' I believe it is important for every Jew to remember the message conveyed by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan as he discusses the importance of remembering Jacob's struggle with the angel, especially in the light of what has recently transpired in Israel and the events that will soon culminate in Gaza. Reply

Mendel Kaplan Thornhill October 24, 2023
in response to JW Shafranek:

Your kind words are appreciated. For the full range of my offerings, please visit my website RabbiKaplan.TV and subscribe to my channel for a continuous stream of fresh classes: Reply

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