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Make Me a Sanctuary

Practical Parshah—Terumah

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Make Me a Sanctuary: Practical Parshah—Terumah

Every synagogue is known as a “miniature sanctuary” (mikdash me’at). How does one show respect for a shul?
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Parshah, Synagogue, Terumah

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Chayamiriam Cohen Taurog Dallas June 23, 2017

Great shiur, but Vendyl Jones was not a devout Christian or any other kind of Christian. He was a devout Noachide and in fact was interested in converting, but felt that he would be more influential as a gentile, so he didn't. His son and daughter in law converted to Judaism and he was very, very proud of them. Reply

Anonymous March 1, 2017

Aw: Sefri Thank you so much Rabbi Kaplan for your kind reply. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill February 27, 2017

The Sifrie is the foundational collection of the teachings of our Sages (think genre of the Mishna) as they follow the Parshiyot on the last 2 books (Numbers & Deuteronomy). It is also sometimes referred to as Midrash Halacha. The kindred works coverinf the ealier books are known as Mechilta and Safra Reply

Anonymous February 27, 2017

Sefri??? Thank you for this wonderful lecture. Who or what is Sefri, please? I searched and couldn't find anything about this. Reply

Solomone Duru January 28, 2014

Helpful thank you Reply

binh tran fremont, ca February 5, 2011

Another great insight to practical parsha Thank You, Rabbi M. Kapplan for this week teachings, clear understanding how all items in Shul has to be close to Temple. great teachings every week. Reply

frida m winkler Caracas, Venezuela February 4, 2011

powerful Dear Chabad multimedia,

Since I started Teshuva, I thought this Parasha Terumah was full of G-d's rules of how to make the Beit Hamikdash and Mishkan BUT with this practical class delivered by Rav Kaplan, I learned many PRACTICAL issues about our Shul, houses and daily behaviour. thanks. Chodesh Tov and Gut Shabbes Reply

Ron Schwartz Syosset, NY February 3, 2011

Your BEST practical parsha! Rabbi, I try to listen AND download so that I can re-listen to your practical parsha each week. I go to a Chabad in Jericho, NY (rabbi Krivisky) and also to a shir with Rabbi Perl in Mineol, NY. Both provide me with insights into Torah, Kaballah, the Parsha.

This week, though, I was very perplexed with the parsha. Your shir opened up for me a new level of understanding and a deeper commitment into my becoming more observant, one, step, at a time! as stated by the Rebbe!

Thank you for the inspirational shirs until Moshiach answers all of our questions. Reply

Felipe Zamudio Queretaro, Mexico February 3, 2011

Sanctuary Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I am growing spiritual and intellectually. Reply

rivka michal kahn thornhill, canada February 2, 2011

Practical Parshah - Terumah Rabbi Mendel Kaplan is blessed with the magnificent gift of imparting his extensive and indepth knowledge and the Rebbe`s teachings in the most simple way. It is a pleasure to listen to his weekly parshah; together with my small family we seek out how and where we can apply G-d`s will to our daily lives. We are so fortunate to have the accessibility online. Thank you Reply

Mr. Aaron Propp February 2, 2011

Location of the Holiest of Holies If the Holiest of Holies were at the Kotel, then wouldn't that mean all the Jews and friends and children of Jews who pray there are defiling the Holiest of Holies? Wouldn't they be violating the sanctity of the Temple THEMSELVES? Think about it in the sense of judgment: if the Holiest of Holies were under the giant-golden-pimple, then the crime is purely on the Muslims and Christians; however, if it is located at the Kotel, then the Jews are guilty too. Reply

Each week, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan will delve into that week's Torah reading to bring out a practical lesson for life and explain the Biblical sources for the customs, laws, practices and ethics of our people.
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