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Divine Providence and the Sciatic Nerve

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Divine Providence and the Sciatic Nerve

As a remembrance that Jacob's sciatic nerve was damaged in his wrestling match with an angel, the Torah forbids us from eating the sciatic nerve (gid hanashe) of an animal. Interestingly, this also shows us the extent to which every detail of our lives is directed by Divine Providence.
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Jacob Wrestles with Angel, Mitzvah, Gid Hanasheh, Divine Providence, Vayishlach

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Rabbi Moishe New December 18, 2015

Thank you all for sharing.

Racheli - glad to have contributed to your Shabbis preparations. Much hatzlacha in your - the ultimate - shlichus! Much chassider nachas, good health and prosperity!

Catherine, I wish you many more such inspiring moments :) All the best, on all levels. Reply

Racheli Florida November 26, 2015

Wow, profound. Truly profound. Rabbi, I just listened to this fantastic and moving shiur while cooking for Shabbos, late at night while the world sleeps. I never really have time to learn, unfortunately - and honestly, my neshama yearns for it and greatly misses learning. Thank you so much for your very well explained chassidishe vort. You gave a busy mother, wife, akeres habayis a touch of chassidus that infused my shabbos cooking. Thank you. Yashir koach. Reply

Dovid Eliezer Bakersfield, CA July 15, 2015

Gid HaNesha If you follow the ruling of Rambam the removal of the Gid HaNesha is relatively easy to remove. Reply

Catherine NY, NY December 12, 2011

small things If one really pays attention to their day, one can see how God is constantly involved with our lives. One year after my dad died, I visited his grave, and on the way home there was a most beautiful rainbow that was in the sky in full view of me for the entire ride home. I knew God and my dad were watching and told me they were happy! I love Chabad! It always is inclusive and enlightening. Reply

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