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How to Start Your Day

Practical Parshah - Ki Tavo

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How to Start Your Day: Practical Parshah - Ki Tavo

The morning routine, according to Torah and how to put "first things first" the Jewish way.
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Parshah, Bikurim, Ki Tavo

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Yochoua Toronto September 12, 2022

I absolutely loved this!! but the title is extremely misleading Reply

Margarita August 24, 2021

this is the most inspirational. thank you Reply

Rhoda Sakowitz Ma February 4, 2017

How. Many strings are on each of the four corners? Reply

Mr. John Hiers September 17, 2011

Thanks Rabbi, This was a great class. It did, you did tell us how to start our day. You told us to be thankful for what he has given us, and to remember to thank him for all we have. Reply

cydank melbourne, australia September 16, 2011

Baruch Hashem Thank Hashem for sending Rabbi Kaplan so that I can cook my Shabbos food and listen to an excellent, practical, and additionally well delivered shiur. Reply

cydank melbourne, australia September 15, 2011

Richard The whole idea of thanksgiving is part and parcel of Judaism, from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. Rabbi Kaplan does take quite a while to get there, though. Reply

Richard San Tan Valley, AZ/USA September 13, 2011

How to start your day? Hummm. Seems the video is more about most everything but how to begin one's day. Reply

Each week, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan will delve into that week's Torah reading to bring out a practical lesson for life and explain the Biblical sources for the customs, laws, practices and ethics of our people.
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