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Why Your Happiness Matters to G-d

Joy is a choice, not a gift.

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Why Your Happiness Matters to G-d : Joy is a choice, not a gift.

Do we all deserve to be happy? Rabbi Barber contrasts society’s prevailing attitude to joy with the Torah approach. Our future depends on living a Jewish life filled with joy.
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Joy; Happiness, Ki Tavo

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Jacquelyn Contreras August 22, 2021

I believe it is a gift. When I receive a gift I am always happy. Better for me to recognise the gift, then pretend joy. Reply

Laura Toronto January 15, 2018

I am not religious per se (although I do light Shabbat candles) but I will not work on a Saturday. Reply

Alicia Garcia Falgueras Madrid September 7, 2017

Dear Rabbi Yacov Barber,

It is great hearing from you such a wise speech. Actually “I listened as faster as I could too…:)

Your thoughts are very nice. Currently I am studying about agape love and your definition of happiness might also fit the definition of Love (or G-d). The opposite of happiness might not be sadness, but non-happiness or apathy. There might be also many paths to get a love state of mind: think about lovely ideas, talk only about nice things that make you feel love, and act as you love the world and people.

Thanks ! Have a wonderful day,

Alicia Reply

Pauline Roberts UK September 6, 2017

I loved this. So succinct in a short time. Every word was significant. I related very much to the difference between children and adults re bearing grudges. This was the first video of yours I have watched and I look forward to watching more. Reply

Leah September 20, 2016

G-d Bless you, Rabbi Barber I always look for your videos. I love every one of them.
I just do. K'siva v'chasima shana tova Reply

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