From Neo-Nazi to Observant Jew

The Pawel Bromson Story

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From Neo-Nazi to Observant Jew: The Pawel Bromson Story

Speaking for the very first time outside Poland, former neo-Nazi Pawel Bromson tells the amazing story of how he discovered that he was Jewish and returned to the faith of his ancestors.
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Children of Holocaust Survivors, Antisemitism, Baal Teshuvah, Poland

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Gabriel Mondragon LaGrange March 28, 2023

Very interesting video, a rather profound experience he shared. Reply

Levi Sorenson Utah January 23, 2023

I am a former neo-nazi who is still filled with hate, but I haved learn how to outlet the anger towards positive things, as opposed to blaming a marginal group for all of my issues. The more I read into Judasim, the more I identify with it. I hope one day I will be able to learn more and become an Observer myself.. I find Academics, Intellectualism and Philosophy as my passions given to me by God. For all those who are reading this, if you are a lost young man with a need a of brotherhood, Role Models, purpose, and a strong faith in a higher power.. I encourage you to open your eyes and mind to Judaism and think critically from many perspectives. The world is not black and white, and there are better ways to achieve happiness without drug abuse, or being in a Pro-White "club". They will only drag you down with them to hell, they will bully you, treat you like a pawn, and trust me, when your family and friends find out, your world will fall into more despair and anger. .ty for reading. Reply

Yochanan Hummasti February 17, 2013

How Can he go from one to the other? Once the Torah get inside you there is Life! Reply

Judy Twin Cities December 17, 2012

Similar, but not the same I know a family - (actually they're quite well known in Israeli orthodox circles) where the father is an orthodox rabbi. He was a convert, and HIS father was a Nazi. And in response to Max's accusation of orthodox Jews being similar to Nazis, his wife is from a well-established, orthodox Jewish family and she was able to marry this man. The issue is whether the home will be observant, not "bloodlines." Reply

Anonymous New York December 16, 2012

neo-nazi to hasid It is very strange that a jewish woman would like to married neo-nazi person. How could this happend? How the person can go so extreme from neo-nazi to hasid? Reply

Naomi Tel Aviv August 14, 2022
in response to Anonymous:

She didn't marry a neo-Nazi. She married a Jew. Reply

Myriam Gabbay New York December 7, 2022
in response to Anonymous:

She didn't find out she was Jewish till after the marriage. Once he found out his true identity it clearly shook him to his core and thus began the path that he took. It's not the first time I've heard of such stories. Reply

amichai st.cloud, MN December 29, 2011

jews...and poland. There's a great Documentary made many years ago...a man returns to his home in poland years and years after WWII....Brasnk,I
think was the name of the town...Polish farmers were handing over jews, so that later on they could infact, steal their land...jewish graveyards were looted, and head stones were used to pave sidewalks for the christian
churches nearby...this wasn't just happening in Bransk....it was happening ALL OVER POLAND...whatever, jews remained in poland after this??? sounds fictional to me,
that a small group of people/jews...just happen to realize that they are jewish...
like the neo nazi guy who turned jewish??
sounds fishy and unlikely. Reply

max dessau December 21, 2011

PROBABLY QUITE SIMILIAR Nazis and orthodox jews surprisingly have a lot in common... they judge people by their bloodline. And both think and study the whole day about who is a jew and what is a jew and what we can do about it. Funny isn't it ?

This only shows that there are enough people out there who believe more in blood and race than in work, peace and creativity.

The way of thinking of an orthodox jew is probably quite the same as the one of a nazi .
On the other hand this only shows that there are some nazis out there who would like to live their lifes as jews. But only because of all the conspiracy theories they believe in - actually a lot of jews also believe in these conspiracy theories. Reply

Anonymous Florida May 18, 2020
in response to max:

Max, you have it wrong. They are not at all the same. Did the orthodox Jews who all they care about is who is Jewish ( which is outrageously false,) did they kill anyone because they weren't Jewish? Did they burn 6 million Jews purely because they had the wrong hair and eye color? No. the orthadox people are nothing like the nazis. They never were, they aren't, and they will never be. Reply

M. M. New York June 22, 2022
in response to max:

It’s quite anti Semitic to call out a whole race of people “a nation that doesn’t busy themselves with peace!!!”

You noted that you come from New York, Can you please find ONE hospital (or any organization geared to help people) in the entire New York City, that is not helped by a Jewish organization or individuals,

And regarding the concerns you raised, of course we will care after everyone without discrimination, but sadly history has proven us that if we won’t connect and help each other, NO ONE ELSE WILL!!!! Reply

Kobi K. Warsaw, 00-100 November 17, 2011

Kobi yap , I'm that friend who invite his wife to shul , the story is real:) Reply

Anonymous winnipeg, canada November 16, 2011

Once Neo Nazi.. Now back to Truth i smiled when the translater answering a query said, when he spoke of his brothers - that they had not changed... that they live
' normal lives'.

i beg to differ, first i am Noahide. The Jewish Nations live the life which is Normal, the way Hashem wanted humankind to live.

The rest of us, we are living abnormal lives. Reply

Chaiya Sheffe Toronto, Canada November 12, 2011

Transformation! Baruch HaShem! Reply

Amichai St.cloud, MN November 10, 2011

forgive...don't forget. I know a guy like that..he's brave for telling his story,and I hope more men realize the error of their ways.
and simply change...for good.
for Hashem...for his family and the jewish
community and for himself.
I don't admire him...but I am thankful that he
changed his ways...see the power of G-d???
can we all see this?? it was Hashem that
changed his heart...we can ALL admire that.
Shalom,great post. Reply

Shimon RIAK Adelaide , Australia November 10, 2011

Many thanks I greatly admired this story. It shows that we all have the potential to chase away the dense of darkness that has descended upon the world. This man's transformation happened because of submissive nature of his who greatly desired to be in Shul and daven with the community.

Those who listen to the story of this man will understand that hatred is dangerous and that it gnaws away the gems of life in a person as an entity and society at large. Hate is the downfall of mankind. However, those who know better must teach and plant the seed of human dignity in the hearts of their children right from birth so that they become part of Tikkun Olam. Thank you for your story. Reply

Tanya Cape Town, RSA November 9, 2011

Thank you .. continued .. The example you gave, of your mother teaching your wife "to unlearn hatred" and her, in turn ...your wife teaching you is the very example of how our individual interactions are interwoven and manufacture a beautiful tapestry thatis the fabric of our society.

I have shared this link, with everyone who is dear to me, Jewish and Non Jew, Yasher Koach and Kol Ha Kavod, to you, your wife and family Reply

Tanya Cape Town , RSA November 9, 2011

Thank you ! Thank, so much for the courage in sharing a truly awesome life transforming experience, the challenges, place where you came from, where you are now serve as an inspiration, to all of us "getting there".

As a almost "covert" with a Jewish Ancestry, I, so identified with the challenges you faced, community and family dynamics etc... your account was given in such a warm, human, honest expression and is very engaging.

I also fully "get" the reference to yourliving a Jewish Life as related to a daily Kadish for your ancestors and the awakening of your families souls in your own oberservance..... my own link is so real its almost tangible and especially profound during Yizkor.

I really enjoyed, that regardless of language and cultural barriers, we all want the same things,connectivity to our children, grandchildren and yes we share the challenges to refer the Mother in law humour.

The example you gaveof your mother teaching your wife "to unlearn hatred" and her, in turn ... Reply

Mordechai Village Of Light, USA, CA November 8, 2011

Even as a Neo Nazi he was thinking like a Jew And That's that. Reply

Judy Miinneapolis, MN November 8, 2011

Beit Warsawa Seven years ago we visited Poland, where my husband's parents were born and grew up, and encountered a group of people, most of whom had grown up as normative Poles, but who had discovered at some point in the not too distant past that they were, in fact, Jewish. They founded a group which they called "Beit Warsawa." From them I quickly discovered that the simple question, "How many Jews are there in Poland today?" did not have a simple answer, because there are many people in Poland who either do not know that they are Jewish or are afraid to admit that they are. Reply

sarah'leh November 8, 2011

amazing. i hope all peapole become from bad- to good. Reply

George Grasser HoHoKus, NJ USA November 8, 2011

Nothing more than proof of you "are what you are". Reply

Yehuda BP via lchaim.org.uk November 8, 2011

Yehuda Wow! Reply

Michelle Wayne Sydney, NSW November 6, 2011

Jew from Poland How many more there is like him Reply

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