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Reflections on "Hayom Yom": Sivan 25

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Reflections on "Hayom Yom": Sivan 25

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Empathy; Sensitivity, Stress; Anxiety

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Aegis London June 5, 2021

Thank you! (A good rule of thumb to deal with fear of TMI...)
And as always Chabad somehow resonated with my daily life...yesterday I was dealing with a pain and instead of my usual way of handling it myself, I did tell someone, like you said "someone you feel a bond with".

Doing this was harder than public speaking, but I felt much better. They didn't run away, they didn't "suffer" to hear my story and today they sent me a message, how they feel honoured I trusted them and shared my problem with them. It brought us closer. thank you for the wise words! Reply

David Kansas June 4, 2013

Yash'chena Poignant, and something to remember as a guidepost. Thank you! Reply

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