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Why You Should Stop Worrying


Why You Should Stop Worrying

Bitachon, Stress; Anxiety

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Morton Bodanis Montreal June 13, 2019

Everything comes from G-d, and everything that comes from G-d is good. If we are experiencing something even though we think is bad, it still came from G-d so it must be good. Since it came from G-d, It is not only good but is what He wanted, so why should pray that He change it? G-d is infallible, so are we saying that He made a mistake? Reply

Jerry Uk June 12, 2019

Excellent. you might wish to add that if things don't turn out the way we want, then it is because Gd knows best and sees a bigger picture.
However, I personally won't allow myself to have a relaxed attitude and simply let Gd "get on with it" lest I take him for granted. I do fear Gd and to a degree my worry is a sign of respect as I am not always near a Shul to pray and I don't like to bother Gd with something he may consider trivial or selfish on my part. But I must not assume that he will deliver things my way.
I guess the answer is to pray more, to ask and to thank and worry less..and ask Gd to forgive what he might think of as a selfish or trivial prayer. Reply

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