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Think of Me, and I’ll Think of You

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Think of Me, and I’ll Think of You

Reb Mendel Futerfas, imprisoned in a Soviet gulag and unable to communicate with the outside world, composed a unique letter in his mind and “sent” it off to the Previous Rebbe. Reb Mendel’s wife was shocked to receive a letter from the Previous Rebbe in reply to her husband’s “telegram.”
Soviet War on Judaism, Thought, Power of; Positive Thinking, Rebbe, Role of; Rebbe-Chassid Relationship, Futerfas, Reb Mendel, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Think of Me, and I’ll Think of You
Disc 115, Program 457

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MaryD North Highlands. Ca. August 6, 2013

The thoughts of time... Have you ever thought something that interred into the very heart of your being and refused to leave.. When all time stops and the distance between yesterday and today is but a moment of the hands of the clock.. It is then that you have interred into the space between time.. There is where the heavenly court sits and all things are brought to light.. If you ever find yourself there don't move just listen for then you will be witness to a beautiful moment of complete truth.. The light shall bedazzle your mind and your stomach may flip around a little, but know that you have got to witness the Lord of the Universe passing judgments on the lives of all creatures both great and small.. This day is coming up once again so beware of your thoughts and watch your actions repent while there is still time.. time yes about time, its coming Elul the great time of repentance then comes Rosh Hashanah our day of understanding just what the judge says... Be blessed my friend, be blessed.. Reply

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