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My Journey of Transformation

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My Journey of Transformation

A first-person story of transformation from a secular newswoman to a newfound passion for Judaism. In this short presentation, Molly Resnick describes her life journey, as well as her encounters with the Rebbe. (A short film by Merkos 302)

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Ra'anan Jerusalem April 23, 2021

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I don't understand why these things make me cry so much. You seemed so distant & then, unexpectedly (to me), you came so close & then were involved in doing the same to others who seemed so distant. I'm so pained when I see the distance, yet so exhilarated when I see returns. Reply

Ester Scheiner Zürich April 21, 2021

Beautiful! A short encounter and such an impact! For a completely fulfilled new life! Reply

Rabbi Z. April 21, 2021

Great Production - Keep it up! Reply

Andrew Macdonald London April 21, 2021

Molly Resnick’s moving story is more common than one might think. G-d does not abandon anyone of good heart. A chance encounter or event can suddenly deliver the embrace of faith which transforms one’s life and opens up the beautiful horizons of loving kindness that is the gift of the Covenant of so long ago and held out to each and every one of us today. Reply