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Tour of the Mishnah - Part 2

The Second Book of the Mishnah: Mo'ed (Times)

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Tour of the Mishnah - Part 2: The Second Book of the Mishnah: Mo'ed (Times)

This Book of the Mishnah deals with the Jewish calendar, its festivals and important days. Included are the laws of refraining from labor on Sabbath and Holidays.
Tour of the Mishnah - Part 2  
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Shabbat, Festivals, Mishnah

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Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA February 8, 2011

The Second Book of the Mishnah Rabbi Shaffer,
I have one question: On Shabbat, what I understand is that we are not allowed to do any labor for which we could make a profit. But to do a good deed, like helping someone in need, carrying a baby at home is alright. But what about going to an orphanage, where there are babies who need the loving care of a volunteer, like myself, who is sixty three years of age and keep the Shabbat, I do not go to work, but in any case if there is a need, could I go to the orphanage? I have not done it yet, but as I heard your teachings I was wondering.
Thank you in advance for your kind answer to my inquiry.
Blessings. Reply

Anonymous February 7, 2011

Tour of the Mishnah - Part 2 i would like to remind everyone that none of the Mitzvahs of these holidays can be completed if you are alone. Please talk to your local Rabbi to come to a understanding on how to get together. May He grant you all the merit you need to live together as one. Reply

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