This was actually the first ’toon Pilar and I did together. You can see that my gestures and mannerisms are just out of the development stage. By the next episode, Pilar had me pretty much figured out.

The laser beam idea—like the sunglasses, the husks, the airplane and more yet to come—is from Rabbi Schneerson, a.k.a. “the Rebbe”. He wrote it to someone who was complaining about all the restraints and restrictions of Jewish life. I think it applies just as well to any serious spiritual path: If you’re not focused, you’re just playing games.

It’s a deep metaphor: The way a laser beam is generated is by restraining light within an optical cavity. There it bounces back and forth through some medium that amplifies its signal until it breaks out through a semi-transparent window.

So if once in a while you feel like a tiger pacing his cage, all your talents locked in and restrained, just think of it as that optical cavity of the laser beam. You are the ray of light, gaining momentum and getting focused so you can blast out with power, big time.

— Rabbi Infinity, world's most famous hidden tzadik