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Handling Our Mistakes Without Hiding


Handling Our Mistakes Without Hiding

“Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Was it me, no you! Couldn’t be. Then who?” This childhood ditty encapsulates one of life’s major issues. Do we admit our wrongdoings? Try to blame the other? How do we react to our failings? Learn why evading our own misdeeds can be so damaging and how we can move towards taking greater responsibility, react with greater integrity, and provide a safe haven of growth for others who err.
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Self Improvement, Failings, Mistakes, Debacles, Tree of Knowledge, Sin of, Bereishit

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Joel Fine October 29, 2019

Great use of your talents to convey Torah concepts! Reply

Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein Newtown November 15, 2019
in response to Joel Fine:

Thank you, Joel Reply