Here’s the story I got that line from.

I know, everyone's going to ask, "How do you stay connected? Why does this Infinity guy have to always talk in such riddles? Why can't he give us cosmic consciousness in one minute without the confuzzling metaphors and cutesy aphorisms?"

Well, for one thing, most people don't really appreciate being told outright what to do with their lives. As in, "Who is this Infinity guy anyways that he thinks he can preach at me what I should do and what I shouldn't?" Zap, there goes my Nielsen Rating.

So I figure much better to keep the message clothed in a harmless cartoon about some commonplace activity like Hang Gliding or Xtreme Ironing. If people want to get the message, they'll get it. If not, they'll just figure this is a nice 'toon to watch with my little kids on my lap at the PC so their mother will think I'm being a good daddy and hold off on blowing up my machine.

Nevertheless, just out of that insane self-defeating impulse dormant in all of us, I'll spell things out a little this time around. If you read on, it was your choice.

Staying connected means keeping up your spiritual routine. If you wake up every day to the joys of international disaster and local homicides blasting from your flashing obnoxalarm, rush out the door spilling your hot coffee on the four-legged rug who likes sprawling in the doorway, spend your lunch hour trying to impress the same water-logged brains you spend the rest of the day with, fall asleep plugged into another dumb home video on YouTube—and catch a little spirituality "when you have the time"--that's not called staying connected. That's called drowning in the ocean.

On the other hand, staying connected doesn't mean you can't do anything else but connecting. Hey, you're in this world for a purpose—to find those pearls and other treasure. Which means you have to get involved in what's happening down here.

So to stay connected, what you need is a regular, daily routine. You don't say, "I ate yesterday, who needs food today? I breathed oxygen two minutes ago, why should I breathe again now?" So why should you say, "I got a spiritual fix at the meditation retreat last summer. Cost me $2500 bucks plus transportation, plus a real sore tush from sitting on the grass all those hours. Why do I need anything more?"

Sorry, guy. You need nourishment and fresh air for the soul every day anew. You need to get up in the morning and thank G_d for your body and soul, learn uplifting stuff, meditate, pray from the heart, watch inspiring cartoons, (okay, you can do that at lunch). You need to prime your brain in the morning so that the whole day looks different, cuz you turned on your high beam before you ventured out into the gooky deep sea of the city. And in those most vital last moments of the day, when all you dream about at night is determined, you need to review your day and check if you grabbed any pearls of truth, beauty and wisdom while you were down here. Hey, now you're breathing pure oxygen. You're connected.

There I go getting all preachy again. Genug! (that's "enough" in Kabbalistic Yiddish)