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Infinite and Finite

Kabbalistic Cosmology

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Infinite and Finite: Kabbalistic Cosmology

A kabbalistic answer to the age-old philosophical question, "How can a finite creation come into existence from an infinite Creator?" A basic introduction to the esoteric doctrines of "tzimtzum" and "hishtalshelut."
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Creation ex nihilo, Infinity, Hishtalshelut, Tzimtzum, Kabbalah

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Hilda Zeigler Gales Ferry July 1, 2015

Infinite and finite Julie I am not qualified to answer your questions. Maybe there are no terms to describe the mystical experience you had because it is beyond words and it is an understanding that does not derive from the rational mind. I have experienced similar things and I have come to treasure them and believe that our own essence is part of that light that is concealed when occupying physical bodies. Reply

IamJoseph May 9, 2012


Infinite is that which is not subject to 'change'.
Finite is that which is subject to 'change'.
The definition is fully scientific with no alternatives or qualifications applying. Reply

Julie Durham, UK March 10, 2012

When I was giving birth to my first child, I entered into a spiritual space where a great pillar of light which had no beginning or end flowed. I entered into the pillar of light and met my son and knew him, his soul, his essence. Then the birth happened within minutes. I felt that if I were to enter that pillar of light at any other time I would have disintigrated into the light and become part of it. Only during the birth was this entering into the pillar possible. Please can you tell me what this was? What terms can I use to discribe it and come to understand it? Thank you Reply

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