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Key Principles of the Kabbalah

Divine Anthropomorphism in Torah

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Key Principles of the Kabbalah: Divine Anthropomorphism in Torah

An examination of the Torah's use of anthropomorphism to describe G-d and how the mystics understand the metaphor of the "image of G-d."
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Tzelem, Divine Image, Kabbalah

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Gershon March 26, 2017

To Hilda Zeigler It sure seems so. Reply

Hilda Zeigler Gales Ferry March 18, 2017

Principles of Kabbalah If there is nothing but G-d then somehow physicality is in some infinitesimal way a manifestation of G-d. The Infinite in choosing to create experiences finite existence. As we come to understand and live more fully in the consciousness of our own and the world's Oneness in God, will more of Light of Ensof be drawn down? Reply

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