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Breaking the Barrier between Tradition and Modernity

R. Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch


Breaking the Barrier between Tradition and Modernity: R. Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch

Professor Naftali Loewenthal presents an overview of some of the major innovations of the 5th Chabad Rebbe, R. Sholom DovBer, with special focus on his founding of the Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim. Recorded at Chabad of Oxford University.
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Tomchei Temimim, R. Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch

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Anonymous Toronto January 29, 2018

In the last few minutes of the talk, everything coalesced for me, thank you - what I took from this is that the desire to understand the deeper meanings of Torah transmitted by the Rashban, and the subsequent turning inward of a person's attention in order to find that meaning, creates a type of "force field" of kedushah - beautiful, thank you Reply

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