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The Power of Hope

A Response for Our Times

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The Power of Hope: A Response for Our Times

In light of recent worrisome events in the world, Rabbi Bryski offers a classic Jewish formula for optimism in the face of adversity.
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Optimism & Pessimism, Hope

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Blessed is G-d October 9, 2023

כל־יצר מחשבת לבו רק טוב כל־היום Reply

joe smith April 22, 2016

Fantastic first experience to judaism.

I looked into kosher food and was impressed by the logic.
Not eating crustaceans made sense. bottom dwellers eating like pigs.

Then read about the Shabbat and could focus on nothing other then making sure I lit a candle for this one.

I listen to The Power of Hope By Moshe Bryski.
and will have a pink moon to see in the sky tonight.

Thank you Moshe Bryski and

Shalom Israel Reply

Cathy May 23, 2015

Where are you? I miss very much your messages! We have learned a lot from your way of presenting your messages, please keep them up!! Reply

Michelle UK December 15, 2013

Thankyou and G-d bless you and all who heard and listen and will come G-d willing in another day to hear the same

most needed most appreciated and most welcomed ~ every word

and thankyou for attending that dinner!

love x Reply

Cathy Sun City, AZ November 15, 2013

Where are you? You are a gifted speaker. I have listened to all of your videos over and over again, never tiring of them. But now I ask where have you gone? Why not more videos? Hope your are well.

Anonymous Texas October 30, 2013

love your prayer at the end Thank you for this beautiful lecture, shared for both jews and non-jews, I have been listening to your lectures and you are outstanding. Truely touched my heart. Thank you, thank you, God Bless Reply

rg tzfat July 5, 2012

wonderful! I listen to this class over and over to strengthen my hope and belief in G-d. Reply

Anonymous NYC, USA May 4, 2012

With all due respect... aren't u contradicting yr whole 'shpil"? if the clouds and and the pain and the suffering is what H. deems indispensable for us because according to the way He Designed us, it is what we need in order to grow spiritually and to bring us close to H. Then why pray to end it? doesn't H. know better than u what we need to come close to Him? as yo yourself so eloquently and movingly demonstrated in your hour long lecture?
It seems to me that we should pray H. for more suffering, we should beg Hashem for Only suffering and pain so we can beseech Him, especially since your formula the one and only ever practiced does not produce the desired results of bringing redemption and end of suffering to Am Israel. Reply

Chesed May 3, 2012

Toda Raba I have heard this teaching a number of times already; as a lot of people are I am also going through a difficult time in life and happen to be away from family and friends...
I LOVE the stories you tell, specially the one about the women searching for her brother...
Recently when feeling like giving up and loosing hope, I've heard your voice playing in my mind as you quote "It is forbidden! Absolutely forbidden to give up hope". It is forbidden, absolutely forbidden for me to give up hope too!!!...
Very powerful, thank you!!
Shalom and Blessings!! Reply

Ms. melly rose January 16, 2012

Power of Hope Dear Rabbi B,
Really exccellent.I'm glad I listened to this ALONE because those who love me would have nudgedme the entire lecture. Like "See.. do u hear what he's saying-they would make sure I was paying attn. which I did-to every word. You speak with much passion-I loved the stories too.They will stay with me and will pop out at times I must pay attn. However,when I NEED to remember your words and analogies are when I don't want to hear it. I know that makes no sense but my depression and no confidence runs so deep 4 many years that when I need to rise up against "the beast" within me or in life i find it impossible to do so. I fear hope It = disappointment. I wish hoping made it so I give up easily I don't want to be mediocre or worse.Shattered illusions tackled me dowwwn. I will read my notes I took religiously. I will practice. My mission now is 2 observe and apply the hope factor. If we as a nation have what's my excuse. U made things very clear. I've no excuse Thanku very,Mely Reply

Danny Columbus, Ohio December 4, 2011

Football For me, football resonates as non-Jewish and from the "other side" I appreciate your class but not the football examples. Reply

Vinetta Dyte London, United Kingdom May 5, 2011

The Power of Hope Thank you Rabbi for taking the time out to share this with us and that the delivery is so inclusive even of those who are not Jews and do not speak Hebrew. Thank you for speaking in a language most of us understand. Reply

Irving Federman Northridge, CA/USA April 8, 2011

Touched by the stories I find this talk very inspiring, and I'm very happy to know that we may not give up hope. The Holocaust story reminds me of my own heritage. I'm so pleased that the Kohanim of Buchenwald were able to reunite. Reply

Anonymous winnipeg, canada February 4, 2011

The Power of Hope I just subscribed for these audios on this site, and today I received this one, along with others. I scrolled down to find this, as in this time in my life, I was losing hope.

Family worries and other things. i got to the point where i wanted to give up and was even contemplating death.

I know G-d led me here. Yes I will not give up or lose hope.
Thank you Rabbi.

I am Noahide, I am lonely as around me there is no one I can talk to of G-d or Torah.

Your prayer at the end, is the first time I heard a Rabbi pray this way. For a moment I was taken aback, as it remined me of the christian ministers and priests who usually pray like this. I was once a christian. I am now a Noahide.

Thank you again and G-d bless you and all of Am Israel.
Yes, the nation of Israel lives.

shalom. shalom Reply

Anonymous London, U.K. November 24, 2010

The Power of Hope Absolutely brilliant. As usual Rabbi Bryski you had me in tears - and some laughter. I am quite certain you are the most inspiring and comforting lecturer in the world. I would so like to share this lecture with friends who do not own a computer. Any chance of obtaining "The Power of Hope" on tape or CD. Many thanks. Reply

Miss Kayo Kaneko November 15, 2010

I read my memo again and again I am under social security due to my schizophrenia. Every month, I receive a check more than enough for basic living. But I am planing to become self-supported, so that I can save money to go to Israel to proceed Kosher conversion. But sometime, the condition of my illness is gloomy. It is just difficult to live a normal life. The prospect looks dark and heavy. Then I remember what you taught us - Birds can fly, because they think they can. And I read the memo that I took during your lecture again and again, and tell myself your teaching - Hope itself change reality. The main thing to recall is to have no fear at all. Go through life without fear. Hope will lead you to make the right calls through the difficult time. I will always remember what you taught me. Reply

Anonymous November 13, 2010

the power of hope your teaching has reached to me as if sent directly by the Rabbi with the right words at the right time..... Thank you Reply

Anonymous EHT., NJ November 10, 2010

Power of hope This video is spiritually uplifting, and very illuminating!! Thank you Rabbi Moshe Reply

Anonymous ny November 7, 2010

hope thank you. thank you. Reply

Anonymous Salem, OR November 4, 2010

Motivation to hope More powerful than inspiration, you have motivated me to hope. Your teaching is profound and has touched me deeply.

Thank you. Reply

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