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My Thoughts: Prayer (part 3)

The High Holidays and Prayer

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My Thoughts: Prayer (part 3): The High Holidays and Prayer

High Holidays, Prayer

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M. Diane Flushing, NY August 9, 2016

That was wonderful and reassuring in important ways. Thank you for this series of inspirational and down-to-Earth lectures on prayer. I always forget to pray for myself. But I do always find things to thank our L-rd for. I figure our my Creator knows exactly where and how He has me situated. When I feel particularly pinched,I do mention it. Mostly I concentrate on praying for particular things for others, sending out blessings for others and thanking G-d for results that can be identified as indicators that blessings are flowing; answers are arriving; and/or, G-d's hand is otherwise active in the lives of those people. Again, thank you. Reply

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