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Goldstein, Goldstein & Fish Legal Services

Mishpatim Parshah Report

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Goldstein & Fish Legal Services: Mishpatim Parshah Report

This week’s Itche Kadoozy show is about the civil laws presented in Parshat Mishpatim. Or at least it would be if it wasn’t interrupted by a commercial for Larry Goldstein’s Law Firm.

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Spider-Man Dallas, Texas, USA February 25, 2017

Ha! That was sooooo funny!!!!!!!!!! Reply

spider man fan alaska August 13, 2020
in response to Spider-Man:

are you realy spider man?

(this is so funny!) Reply

Among Us Home December 7, 2020
in response to spider man fan:

of course he's not!!

Anonymous chicago February 9, 2015

this is a great video like all the parsha reports Reply

To Anonymus Ohio, USA January 15, 2014

to anonymus (what happened to the end?) the answer to your question is that he doesnt have an answer Reply

Anonymous June 6, 2011

what happened to the end? Why does the video end before Jono can finish his question? Reply

Ilene Stackel Naples, FLorida January 26, 2011

GG&Fish Hilarious way to teach children - and remind adults - that we are responsible for our actions. We can't pawn them off on others :-) Thank you. Reply

gavi Toronto October 23, 2020
in response to Ilene Stackel:

are you really g fish cause if you are i would like to see your carrot kippa Reply

SARALA RBS, ISRAEL December 14, 2010

Souch a cute movie. Reply

mendel pittsford July 23, 2018
in response to SARALA:

you wrote souch instead of such Reply

Lily Candia January 22, 2007

G-fish pom-pom? I'd LOVE one of those!!! Reply

Miguel January 15, 2007

Respond to G-Fish Was that sarcasm? Reply

Anonymous February 23, 2006

Oh,yeah!!!!!!!! Reply

menachem uminer palm city, florida u.s. via February 23, 2006

show this a great movie awesome and inspiring my advice is watch it!!! Reply

Anonymous February 22, 2006

to Anonymous Sponser Maybe you didn't know but when he says anonymous he's hiding his name from you&me but he can't hide his name from the web-master Reply

Anonymous boston, MA February 22, 2006

Cool. I'm waiting for the next one already... Reply

G-Fish February 22, 2006

Anonymous Sponsor? I love it when people offering sponsorship sign their names "anonymous" - don't you? Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY February 21, 2006

Do you need sponsors? Hey, great show as always, with a lot of toichen as an extra bonus. But frankly I am a bit worried! That is two straight weeks with commercial interruptions!! Are you in dire financial straits? Anything we can do to help, just let us know.

Really, the offices of Goldstein and Goldstein have it right! Start selling some G-Fish memorabilia, it will be a sure hit. If you make it, I will be the first to go to shul in 770 wearing the exclusive G-Fish tie!! (I have advertising space available on my tallis :)!!

All in all, smashing performance, and we anxiously await your next show!! (as you can see, we watched it within 3 minutes of getting the email update - putting the phone children and bills on the side to make way for the most important 5 minutes of the week!!)

Keep up the great work, and legally too!! Reply

what? miami, fl February 21, 2006

jail studeing the law behind bars - is stressing the emotional and spiritual part of the law?! Reply

Moishele Fort Dix, NJ February 21, 2006

Nice Nice, nice.

Really liked the ending..brings back memories of parshas Vayechi ;) (which I have gone back to watch 3-4 times).

Looking forward to more and more originality, wit and irreverent humor. And oh yeah - toichen too.

Keep on rolling. Reply

yitzy hayes ottawa, ont February 21, 2006

funnnny!!!! funney as always but even more funney then ever before keeep it up$$$$$$$$

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