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Deconstructing the Rainbow

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Deconstructing the Rainbow

Opening with fascinating messaging and deeper symbolism, this colourful rumination on the heavenly arc, moves on to address fundamental questions, like how a natural phenomenon is construed as paranormal. A vibrant spectrum of diverse opinions and teachings why the rainbow can serve as G-d’s eternal symbol are presented, clarifying how it confirmed G-d’s covenant with humanity and opening a broader prism of understanding about the proverbial flood’s purpose and ultimate impact.
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Rainbow, Noach

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Eochaidh Pennsylvania October 6, 2022

I came here for info after experiencing two consecutive “bows in the clouds” above my house on two consecutive Yom Kippur 5782 and just now on 5783 respectively they happened at twilight were red purple blue as one color not multicolored, and were not at allll rain induced dry red mist atmosphere accompanying it.

After my experience, I could not have asked for more info. This was fantastic Reply

Sil Derby, United Kingdom October 30, 2019

Another amazing class! Thank you Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Reply

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