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The Last Show?

V'Zot HaBerachah Parshah Report

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The Last Show? : V'Zot HaBerachah Parshah Report

The members of the Itche Kadoozy Show team cope with the end of the Parshah Report
Annual Torah Reading Cycle, Vezot Hab'rachah

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~ June 4, 2023

This episode made me genuinely emotional! Thanks for all the great work here! Reply

Em N/a December 22, 2022

I didn't know Roy used to live in japan... I guess his name is ロイ! Reply

Naruto!! NOWERE May 11, 2023
in response to Em:

Lol, u think he knows any good jutsu?! XD XD Reply

? ? October 15, 2022

Did anyone notice the pigeon's back? Around 5 mins in! Reply

Leah Israel March 9, 2022

PLEASE make more videos!!!!!!! Reply

Mendel Goldman Waterloo Ontario January 10, 2021

I love this episode it's so funny and the last part when the rabbi and jono are on the roof and jono say's "thanks rabbi" and that music it just make's that scene so beauitiful thank you very much Reply

gavi Toronto October 23, 2020

I love the it's a girl balloon at the end! Reply

gavi Toronto February 22, 2021
in response to gavi:

Ya me too Hello myself Reply

Meto Brookline October 2, 2020

I love parsha report! Reply

Jesse Joshua Morayfield September 22, 2020

I found it funny when Jono was trying Karaite and roy scared him and then Jono screamed Reply

naftali strucks NM March 5, 2019

Did anybody see that sign in the chocolate milk store that said Elvis parsley (an important ingredient in jono's lentilicious hotbroth)? Reply

Yona rivka Kimelman Chicago June 27, 2017

really good Reply

Anonymous NY June 20, 2016

I love it Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY March 17, 2016

We all start over, too. Reply

me May 11, 2014

no way! you not doing this to us!!! you can't just leave us all we are really sad.
bt'w when is roy coming back from japan? you said that's when you'd start the next project. Reply

Menachem Mendel Hein Pittsford February 24, 2019
in response to me:

roy is going to stay Reply

Tr Rt June 28, 2021
in response to Menachem Mendel Hein:

And marvin Reply

C.M.B. baltimore, MD March 17, 2014

does jono's cap say "wasome" or "jono"? i keep seeing both!!!
that was a very touching last episode..... chazak! Reply

Mendel Hein Pittsford February 28, 2019
in response to C.M.B.:

Both Reply

Anonymous USA February 10, 2013

end of the torah its not really the end its the end of the torah we start all over... !! its just the end of the torah! Reply

Anonymous Carmel April 1, 2012

Umm... It is not the last episode. Watch the entire webisode. Reply

Mendel Hein Pittsford February 28, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

yes it is the last Reply

someone February 23, 2012

new(old)idea the parsha report skiped a few parshios so maybe they can make a 2nd version of the parsha report which includes the missed parshios Reply

Anonymous Atlanta, GA October 10, 2010

All Good! Such a good show! Reply

Anonymous boston, MA September 30, 2010

so sad I love the torah portion Reply

Rt Tr June 28, 2021
in response to Anonymous:

But it doesn't mention anything about the parsha Reply

Anonymous satellite beach, fl via May 9, 2010

:( this was actually really emotinal!
the music in the backround was so peaceful, i really hope they come back Reply