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Jono’s Little Mountain Song

Behar Parshah Report

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Jono’s Little Mountain Song: Behar Parshah Report

Jono learns a lesson about being humble when he has to dress up in a very cute little mountain costume and sing an adorable little song. Oh, and no monologues this week.
Mount Sinai, Humility, Behar-Bechukotai, Behar

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d April 17, 2023

cute! Reply

Shlomo Brooklyn January 20, 2023

I sung along a soprano version it was really cute and fun!!! Thanks for the show Reply

Anonymous USA May 24, 2019

Its so cute I love it! I think its my favorite parshah report. Reply

Anonymous a December 21, 2016

soooooooooo nice and funny Reply

Hudy Florida June 7, 2016

jonos so funny Reply

Rosina Rsndall Australia May 26, 2016

Toda Rabah, I loved it. Such a powerful message. Shalom Rosina Reply

Chana Goldstein February 7, 2016

Why didn't he want to sing the song at first? It was so cute! Reply

Rivkah Cotlar Cary N.C. January 15, 2016

amazing and funny love it and and so so cute . Jono has to come to my chabad house and sing it Reply

Mendel Hein Pittsford N.Y. July 13, 2018
in response to Rivkah Cotlar:

they dont really use the itche kadoozy show for anything anymore Reply

Mindel Tamar locale ohio August 17, 2018
in response to Mendel Hein:

please explain urself Reply

Anonymous Clarksburg May 5, 2019
in response to Mendel Hein:

If you'll notice, that was a comment from 2016, 2 years before you commented. Reply

Menachem Mendel Hein Pittsford, NY November 7, 2021
in response to Mindel Tamar:

I will. They stopped doing it after, like, 2008. They only do it for broadcasts now. Reply

Tzvi July 16, 2021
in response to Anonymous:

And that comments from a year later and this two years later Reply

azariah florida May 19, 2015

funny Reply

84468964 March 9, 2015

nice work jono, hilarious Reply

22229900 October 5, 2018
in response to 84468964:

Are we related? Reply

Anonymous Tx May 19, 2020
in response to 84468964:


Anonymous nj May 21, 2013

Thank you!!!!! This is so wonderful!
My 18 month old was listening and rocking to the beat trying to understand the sounds-Will continue playing it as she continues to grow and understand the words Reply

Simon Fischer Rockville, MD April 22, 2011

That costume was kinda cheesy, and what does absurdulous mean? And why does a gefilte fish have an agent? Reply

b inside of a huge cup tower May 2, 2019
in response to Simon Fischer:

why do you always say mean things about the show? no offence, i can see why you say that. Reply

Josiah 8 medford, oregon May 1, 2010

LOL!!!!!! that was a funny mountain song Reply

Craig Hamilton May 13, 2008

Thank you. Thank you for helping my son to stop crying. I think he was entertained. I'll go try another video on him now! Reply

Anonymouse Milwaukee, WI May 13, 2008

very clever Reply

Anonymous May 28, 2007

the rabbi of the itche kadoozy show i like the way the rabbi looks in this video. what happened that you had to change his appearance in the later shows?
sara Reply

Nadav Holyoke, MA May 15, 2007

Awesome how did G-fish have a 3 voice thing, was it him? or was it someone else? Reply

levi y stolik Pasadena ca March 16, 2021
in response to Nadav:

it was him!!!!! Reply

Chaya Bigelman Tucson, AZ May 9, 2007

VERY CUTE!! Very cute!!
The Itche Kadoozy showes are so cute! :)
I love them! ;)
Keep up the good work! Reply

Neko-Chan March 20, 2007

Move over Elvis-Jono's on the scene now!! Reply

Anonymous May 15, 2006

funny mountain basket ball connection . Jono very nice voice Reply

Atara Weisman usa May 15, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

ya i love the videos Reply

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