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Lotto Land

Week In Rejew: Pinchas

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Lotto Land: Week In Rejew: Pinchas

Pinchas gets promoted, a certain obnoxious muppet proposes a scratch-off version of the biblical lottery of the Land of Israel, Moses appoints a successor, and Jono sacrifices his shoe

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Eduardo Andrade TWN N CNTRY July 4, 2020

Love your show, its funny and very well thought, not to mention easy to understand, Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, New York May 1, 2016

Nice show : ) This one is really cute! Reply

Zalmy Australia June 14, 2014

Live in a Butler vs. Have a Live-in Butler Lol... I love the "If you scratch 'butler' then you get a live in butler for life!"
You have to get the play-on-words, I didn't understand at first. :D Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, n.y November 15, 2011

I love it! And I'm 24! Either something is wrong with me or something is really great about this show. i would prefer to conclude that the second part is correct. Reply

Aryeh February 5, 2011

jono mumbles something, what does he say? What does Jono say after giving kidding cups to barmitvah boys? Reply

Linda Payne Buffalo, NY July 7, 2010

Love this show Should have added, they keep me busy and out of trouble. Just kidding. Reply

chana July 4, 2010

making people smile is a HUGE mitzvah These are wonderful, creative, informative and spirit-raising. for all ages (I'm a multiple savta and can watch these with any of my grandchildren) Keep'em coming Reply

Linda Payne Buffalo, NY April 19, 2010

Love this show What a great way to teach little ones the Bible. Reply

Anonymous uk December 10, 2009

we looooooooooooooooooooooove these shows hanks so much for making these shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

mim Highland Mills, Ny December 20, 2008

crisis in eygypt Jono is soooooooooooooooo funny!!! Did you see Baby basket gridlock on the nile?Rb,I totaly agree with you.The week in rejew is BORING! Reply

CMT Chicago, ILL USA September 12, 2006

cute I love it .It is so cute. Reply

Amy P. Lexington, SC July 22, 2006

COOL I like this one, alos. I like gefitle fish. I think he is funny. I like the Week in Rejew a whole lot better then Parshah Report.

I like IKS. I have been going on chabad.org to make sure there is a new video. I wish they came in each day. But I guess yall make sure that other people get a chance to see it, I think(?). Thanks for having the IKS on air!!! Reply

RB San Antonio, TX July 14, 2006

it's ok, but have you been running out of creative ideas, cuz i like the parshah report much better than the week in rejew which has less of a punch line Reply

Forer Kids Los Angeles, CA July 14, 2006

We miss the old format of the parsha report, less music background, but we still like watching! We really enjoy Jono's trips out of the studio, especially the one where he goes to the Temple Depot-hilarious! Reply

Odelia Debache Miami, Florida July 14, 2006

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like your show and watch it every week. It keeps getting better!!!!! Thank you for this great program. Reply

Ella Steinmetz Sarasota, FL July 13, 2006

It was good -- and funny! Reply

Ruchie Monsey, NY July 11, 2006

Terrific as always! But I miss the interaction between Jono and the Rabbi - and the Rabbi's appearance and input is only 15 seconds?!

Chazak V'ematz! Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY July 11, 2006

Really Funny Even Though our kids are young they beg to watch your show and they find it really funny. Thanks for keeping us entertained.
The Rosenbergers Reply

Teacher Fan New York, New York July 9, 2006

comment discussion? Your shows are not only educationally entertaining in terms of what my students receive but also stimulate verbal and written expression of their own thoughts. For ex., I have them compare/contrast what's from the Rebbe's sichos and what/how that's presented within the entertaining humor that tickles our brain to such alertness. I also have my students first discuss the parsha and then predict how and what the show will teach. The list of critical thinking and expressive language that your show stimulates goes on and on.

The one aspect which we've missed recently is reading other people's comments. The comment posting's new place may have cut down on postings (unless its because people are on vacation and don't have access to internet.) I'm inviting other educators to share how they use the show (beside as reward). If their students write responses & we post some of them, we'll facilitate further learning. Thank you. Reply

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