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The Power to Transform

Trilogy of Tribulations - Part I

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The Power to Transform: Trilogy of Tribulations - Part I

In the first of the “Trilogy of Tribulations,” Jeremiah describes his inauguration as prophet. Although his first prophecy is one of impending doom, it contains within it a hidden message about the power to transform mourning into joy.
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Haftarah, Pinchas, Three Weeks, Jeremiah, Three of Rebuke

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Dilcia Miami via September 22, 2020

Great, thank you so much Reply

Jenny N.Y August 14, 2016

Thanks for this lecture. This is all new to me, (I was raised without religion and am just taking an interest), so please forgive the naïveté of my comments. I just met a woman from Israel, who told me that many Jews & Arabs just want peace.. I think that's true that most people are the same and want to live in peace. My new Israeli friend has just had to build a bunker for protection.. That's no way to live. I wonder if a new- 3rd temple could be built on the mount- as well as another house of worship for all people regardless of faith.. I realize there is a mosque there now for Muslims.. Then maybe these three structures could co-exist and have a unifying element, physically & spiritually, unifying all people in peace. Maybe a big concert could initiate the opening. Music unifies people. I'm an idealist, and I'm hungry cause I'm fasting, but these thoughts go through my mind... I think there must be a peaceful solution to end the violence and the Temple Mount is place to start. Reply

penny robinson July 30, 2016

Thank you again for the great insight. Tying the two together helped me understand at a deeper level G-d's heart and will for me at a grassroots level. Thank you again, blessings of shalom. Reply

Anonymous NF, NY July 5, 2010

Tribulations I believe we are all given some tribulations in our life so we may grow more spiritual. And depend on G*d, because G-d is the same yesterday, today and forever. He allowed Noah to have the Flood to deal with, Daniel in the Lions den, Joseph with the Multicolor coat to deal with the Kings of Egypt just like Moses; all having to rely on G*D to fulfill their own destinies. We all have certain trials and tribulations or we dont grow spiritually! G*d is there for us all because hes the same G*d he was for all those prophets and Leaders of the past! I dont feel we will suffer any less than they did! Because G*d does not have any respector of any person. He's the same to then and now for all his children! Tribulations is how he forces us to grow up! And accept the circumstances of sinfulness in our day as in the past! Reply

Richard Raff BonneyLake, WA June 29, 2010

The Power to Transform These lecture gives me lots to think about with prayer and mediation i will ask deeper questions to get a bigger picture. i know that G-d has given all of us curtain tasks. It is knowing enough to know what the right signs are compared to the wrong signs. The balance is a fine line, when not watching we can end up walking right off the cliff. i really am satisfied with just the nature of my life and not what buys the worlds attention. i will keep following the signs G-d has place before me. So that at the very least i have the love of my creator to help me sleep a transformed Human being. Reply

Naomi Spanish Fork, UT/USA June 29, 2010

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee... Thank you for that beautiful reminder about transformation. I often feel so inadequate and constantly challenged by family who would somewhat mock my desire to "return" and know G-d. I appreciate the insights you give on the prophets of old and how they are relevant to me and pertain to us at this time in the earth's history. Thank you again for spending your time bringing more light into the world. Reply