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Visualize, Realize

Trilogy of Tribulations - Part III

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Visualize, Realize: Trilogy of Tribulations - Part III

In the third haftorah of the “Trilogy of Tribulations,” we learn how Isaiah’s prophecy contains a hidden lesson about our power to visualize and manifest our greatest hopes and dreams.
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Three Weeks, Devarim, Shabbat Chazon, Three of Rebuke

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Jenny NY August 13, 2016

That was wonderful. Thank you! 😊 Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma August 2, 2011

The Shabbat of Vision: 2020 Perfect Vision The vehicle of metaphor: The Grey Cup: using one's gray matter to solve problems, Super Bowl party: I can continue the metaphor. Try. See where it takes you.

The story of the suit. We have a suit of cards too, and G_d shows what's in the HAND. Another way to stretch this same metaphor.

I apologize for not listening to this entire talk. I have ongoing problems with the word "SIN" for many reasons, and one is that I know ALL is G_d and that G_d wrote the entire story, not parts of it, the ENTIRE story.

Our lives exist in mirroring metaphoric connects so yes, we can understand by using these constant metaphors, whatever concept we are trying to explicate. Perhaps in deeper ways, ways you do not see, the metaphors run much more parallel than you are currently aware.

As current is the river, so it is we all wear filters against the light, and do imbibe the light according to what we are meant to take in, at each and every part of this journey.

Don't take Isaiah too literally. Reply

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