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What Good Can Come From Cruel Intentions?

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What Good Can Come From Cruel Intentions?

Cruel intentions often lead to cruel actions. Yet the goodness of actions cannot be judged from their intentions. (Parsha Perks | Pinchas | with Dr Michael Chighel)
Action; Deed, Pinchas slays Zimri, Pinchas

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Silvana Zehnpfennig Bochum July 11, 2020

When I started my study 230 km away from my homeland, I have made the expirience, that people give up their faith in G'd or were artheists, to break the ten commandments, what hurt them, they are embedded in since their childhood, like me. And their only argument was, that it would be our fault, to chain ourself with that commandments and that we would hurt ourself, by not break them. For them it was a endurance sports, to violent believing persons and they enjoyed to denonunce us. But there is nothing given in the Torah what someone could do against such crime, nor is there any law to punish them. Reply

Patrick Durham July 7, 2020

Im sorry, but it is hard to keep track. I think the over acting loss the message. Reply

B. Cohen Haifa Israel July 7, 2020

I shudder at stereotypical portrayals of Jews. This is a stereotypical portrayal of a Jewish loud mouthed, 'dumb' materialistic woman seen so often and so damaging. Let's slay all stereotypes and not allow them to lay with our tribe! Reply

Davjd Miami July 7, 2020

Excellent as usual !!! Reply

Yehuda via JewishTV iOS July 5, 2020

Professional as always.
One small correction: at 3:27 in the video, it’s mistakenly mentioned that Yisro was Zimri’s grandfather instead of Pinchas’ Reply

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