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Is Religion a Rubber Ducky?

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Is Religion a Rubber Ducky?

If being an adult means being rational, then what does it mean to be a child? Does it mean being irrational? To the extent that religion involves the childlike gesture of “faith” (Emunah), it would seem to be an irrational, immature enterprise. Unless of course there is a viable adult alternative to Rationalism and Irrationalism alike.
Faith; Belief in G-d, Mishkan, Religion; Religious Ritual, Reason and Supra-rationality, Terumah

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Steve Michigan February 28, 2019

Boker tov, Rabbi Chigjel -
I thoroughly enjoyed your conversation with Herr Doktor. After the laughs, however, I'm digging deep and re-listening. Can I get a transcript of this 'dialog'?
Steve Reply

Menachem Karp cincinnati February 17, 2019

i absolutely love your videos! I stumbled on them and got completely addicted! What a unique combo of fun, humor, and deep Torah clearly explained! This was long needed, Thanks! Reply

Akiva February 11, 2019

Bravo..! Reply

Chana boas Givat zeev February 10, 2019

Well done, funny , insightful , knowledgeable and, most important, true. Reply

Yoni Connecticut February 7, 2019

Really, really well done. I'm kvelling! Chabad Chasidis + Freudian psychology. Thank you so much. A lucid and entertaining explanation of the Torah! Reply

Stefanie Badinter Barnea February 5, 2019

Just wonderful and informative and a pleasure to watch and your Zigmund Froid impersonation is just so entertaining keep up the good job . Love it ! Reply

David Miami February 3, 2019

your lesson is extremely enjoyable and as such it actually understandable Reply

Sheina London February 3, 2019

Great video. Thanks! Reply

David Los Angeles February 3, 2019

Informative -fun and lively! Baruch Hashem. Todah! Reply