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Why Is a Bunny Called a Bunny?

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Why Is a Bunny Called a Bunny?

Angelic intellects can perceive the sublime secret essence of each and every creature made by the Creator. And yet the human intellect can see even more.
Language, Names; Naming, Adam Names Animals, Bereishit

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Lisa Solomon Skokie, Illinois June 11, 2020

Rabbi Chigel is fantastic! I am enjoying laughing along as he speaks! I am learning at the same time. This is fun! Reply

Robert Staub Boynton Beach November 1, 2019

Your videos are totally amazing! They engage, inspire and expand our awareness.

One request would be to eliminate the use of cigarettes and their smoke as I fear it may validate or encourage their use... Reply

Moshe NY October 30, 2019

Very entertaining and well done!
Interestingly, the words 'Bunny ─ Rabbit' have all the letters of 'Arnevet'. Reply

Anonymous Vancouver, BC October 30, 2019

This video is so good I had to take a break from it! No sarcasm intended. It was brilliantly thought-out. Reply

Michael Linkenheil Heathmont October 30, 2019

A Bunny is called a 'Bunny' because if it were called a 'Ynnub' its tail would have to be at the other end........ Reply

Hm via JewishTV iOS March 28, 2022
in response to Michael Linkenheil:

Ha ha Reply

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