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How Much Experience Do You Need Before Marriage?

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How Much Experience Do You Need Before Marriage?

Some well-meaning folk believe that a little bit of experience in romantic relationships is a good preparation for marriage. The Torah teaches that it’s the single worst possible preparation. (“Parsha Perks” with Dr Michael Chighel | Chayei Sarah)
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Name * July 10, 2020

Smart and Funny. Reply

Robert Staub Boynton Beach November 24, 2019

A tremendous message on the value of purity ...hopefully planting seeds that will extend the reach of the message in a persons life. Your videos are fabulous..thanks much! Reply

David Harold Chester Petach Tikva, Israel November 22, 2019

Great entertainment, but the argument is not very convincing. I still have doubts. We need to equate both sides of it properly and to see which is the most satisfactory. Reply

S NY November 21, 2019

Great!!! Your best one yet!! Reply

Kate Dallas November 21, 2019

Racist a bit? I agree with the general sentiment of this message, but, am a bit put off by the stereotypical accenture and nod to
hedonism. Not all Greeks or even Thelemists are hedonists. Many people who fall in both categories don’t even have sex. Jews generally want to act as though only we understand sexual purity because of Niddah, but even Talmud and Zohar talk about biblical and rabbinical permissions for unnatural acts. Can’t we say that the Greek, the Jew, and the Christian, all at their best recognize a need for connection to a partner in sex, with virginity being ideal and a period of abstention as a couple learns to value one another in cars where worldly views got in the way with a focus on redemption? It can trend too sexist at times, to teach a girl her equipment is like a stick of gum that got “chewed” as some Christians do, especially in cases of rape and incest. Purity is an original decision, and then a renewed decision after “anything” happens to destroy God’s best plan, yes? Reply

Anonymous Miami November 20, 2019

Thank you so much Rabbi all I can say is back in my youth I wish Hebrew school was this enjoyable ... Reply

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