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Are Rabbis Too Judgmental?

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Are Rabbis Too Judgmental?

Even the greatest judge can make a gross misjudgement if humility is lacking. (“Parsha Perks” with Dr Michael Chighel | Vayeshev)
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Anonymous Texas December 20, 2019

Love all you do, so much talent, funny & informative. Shabbat shalom from Texas 🌞 Reply

aron lapa December 18, 2019

very well done.👍
But please STOP the SCREAMING its hard to get the idea when i have to lower and raise the volume so many times. Reply

Chani Ca July 9, 2020
in response to aron lapa:

Yes I agree with that!! Very well done, AND, I think that it will be a little easier to follow if it was more smooth, with a more consistent volume/pitch of voice. Thank you! Reply

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