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Learning from Joseph

Life Lessons from Parshat Vayeishev

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Learning from Joseph: Life Lessons from Parshat Vayeishev

The Torah’s narrative of Joseph provides special insight into our outlook and mission in life.
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Joseph, Vayeishev

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Drew Siegel RockawayPark. NYC December 15, 2019

Thank you. You are a blessing every morning in my life now. I can wait to wake up and greet my day w you. You can’t imagine bringing that spark into my life now. @73 to start the study Tanya and Chumash which brings to light many other study portions. Words to look up , even going back to my Hebrew school day to relearn to read again. Reply

Anonymous Minneapolis January 27, 2015

Difficult to accept that so many Jews were killed in concentration camps. Why did Hashem allow this to happen? Much worse than Joseph's story... Reply

Marty Denver December 24, 2013

Quality, not quantity The lecture puts a lot of emphasis on having more children as if more is better. Let's not forget that G-d chose us not because we were the most but because we were the least among nations. When G-d said Be Fruitful and Multiply it wasn't to us, per se. It was to Adam and Eve who weren't Jewish and all His creation including the animals. We have succeeded. Now the earth needs a rest. We have to share the earth with other species. They are going extinct or are endangered because humans are destroying their habitat to make our own. Part of our job is to guard the earth. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned today from Rachel's experience. When she had one child her immediate response was to ask for a second, then she died in childbirth of her next child. Perhaps we should learn to be grateful for what we have, that sometimes less is more and we need to focus on quality, not quanity. Joseph's brothers wanted more love. With a small family, they might have rec'd the attention we all need. Reply

Jeanne (Hadassah) Chacon St. Paul, MN USA November 25, 2013

EXCELLENT! More importantly, listening to this lecture helped me through a difficult time Thank you Rabbi Gordon. I just have to tell you that I went through a very difficult time past week. I had all kinds of emotions; "why me?", "why is this happening?" etc., After listening to your lecture, I was able to come to peace with the issue I was dealing with an issue. I listened to 3-4 of your lectures back-to-back. All I can say is, is that I had a spiritual breakthrough and I am fine - better than fine. Thank you again. Reply

Avraham Wyszynski New Jersey November 24, 2013

No more smiles? I miss the friendly smile in the new serious-look face in this recording. What happened to the Rabbi Gordon who smiles and jokes... It would be so nice to have him back. Reply

Paul N'DRI France. November 23, 2013

Learning From Joseph. G.d blesses you for this message. May Hashem gives us help to follow the example of Joseph. Reply

Alejandra Argentina November 21, 2013

Great talk. It's true. Hashem is guiding the events of our lives. And everything happens for a purpose. It's our task to learn the lessons of our lives. Reply

marty levine November 20, 2013

walk before G-d not with G-d Just like Abraham, then it will be Moses Reply

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