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The Real Difference Between Joseph and His Brothers

Parshah Vayeishev

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Joseph and His Brothers: Parshah Vayeishev

In the verse (Genesis 37:4) "[Joseph's] brothers could not speak to him peaceably," the Hebrew word "shalom" (peace) is missing a letter vav. The real reason for the lack of peace between Joseph and his brothers was that they could not comprehend Joseph's view that a Jew can and must bring light into a dark world.
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Joseph Solomon Orlando, Fl. December 4, 2015

How true, yet so Disappointing... This is why Chabad is so successful today it’s because it fulfills the very mission Gd has requested of the world, of creation, albeit largely only within the Tribe. Even without considering the veracity of the philosophy, and though it suffers from excessive self-involvement and a lack of real effort and concern for the salvation of the gentile world, Chabad studies and maintains a strict observance of Gdliness that reaches beyond personal consideration in hopes all Beit Yisrael experience Life i.e. Chabad uncovers the sparks of Gdliness within a vessel/body bringing it into this world-throughout the world. This the Torah urge –unselfishly go into the world take with you a burning desire for Gd and an unyielding willingness to awaken souls and the Creat-r of Heaven/Earth will see to your success for the sake of the created. Today as a standard, and as Chabad enjoys its success, it and Beit Yisrael, pessimistically avoid the Yosef part of its mission fulfilling only 1/2 of its mission. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA December 16, 2011

The Real Difference Between Joseph and His Brother Thank you so much for this wonderful teaching Rabbi Raskin. It gave me the understanding of how we can maitain our faith in Hashem, Blessed be His Name, although we are living in this world. Many times I implore to the Eternal G-d how difficult it is for a woman alone to handle certain situations. But He, Blessed be He, always speaks to me in a very special way. To comfort, and strengthen me with His precious presence by letting me know how close is my Redeemer. Again, thank you it is a beautiful teaching and I appreciate it so much. Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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