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The Power of Speech

Life Lessons from Parshat Metzora


The Power of Speech: Life Lessons from Parshat Metzora

The biblical skin discoloring of tzaraat was a consequence of spiritual failing, primarily due to lashon hara or gossip. Our words have extraordinary, far-reaching impact.
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Kagan, R. Israel Meir HaCohen ("Chafetz Chaim"), Anger, Tzaraat, Negative Speech, Metzora

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Joao Pedro Souza Matos October 16, 2018

This lecture is superb. Reply

Divine Chacko Chennai ,India April 27, 2017

Very Insightful.

Thanks Reply

Joan DALBO April 7, 2014

Thank You for the way your shared this lesson What a wonderful lesson and delivery. I was able to see myself in this lesson, and understand the downfall of negativity in my life. I am encouraged to work harder at changing my mindset (with Torah) and therefore change my habit.
Thank you. Reply