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The Real Answer to the Jewish Problem

Life Lessons from Parshat Shemot

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The Real Answer to the Jewish Problem: Life Lessons from Parshat Shemot

The Jewish bondage in Egypt contains the all-too-familiar horrific story of anti-Semitism that marks our history. What is the reason behind this hatred and what is the ultimate solution?
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Haman, Antisemitism, Shemot

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Uri Yitzchak January 8, 2023

Rabbi Gordon; we miss you so very much; your Torah Wisdom, your sweetness, your smile, your incredible sense of humor. We are so proud and have de zehut to keep learning from you. Reply

WS Iowa city Ia December 21, 2021

Can anyone explain how the differing names for a person on earth and in heaven, like the king’s given name as opposed to calling him your honor, answers the questions about how kingship on earth is reflected of kingship in heaven? Or how that difference resolves the uniform makers’. Request for help from the alte Rebbe? Reply

Simcha Bart January 2, 2022
in response to WS:

That is a way how it is reflected - G-d's very essence is concealed from us, and we only know Him through His different functions in this world, which His different names symbolize. Similarly, a human king on earth is not addressed by his personal name, rather by the "name" - i.e. title that indicates the king's interaction with his subjects.

Since they were able to answer satisfactorily the question the Czar posed to that minister, he was able to put in a good word with the minister of justice who had their case under his jurisdiction. Reply

Walter Seaman Iowa City January 12, 2022
in response to Simcha Bart:

Thank you for this thoughtful reply. I have been thinking a lot about what you have written and will follow up if I have additional questions.
WS Reply

Sarah Cenovia Hallandale Beach, Florida December 23, 2018

Excellent class! We miss you so much. It brings to rewatch you brilliant classes and you hilarious sense of humor. Reply

Ana Castillo San Francisco, CA 94531 January 20, 2017

Wonderful insight!Today Rabah. Reply

Anonymous California January 18, 2017

Why? You still really did not say why Jews are disliked? .It might be racism, but Why?
What did we as Jewish people really do to be so disliked?
I find uneducated people hear that Jews are Rich & Cheap, or the film industry is rich, and Jews run the Film industry. Is that a reason now to hate Us?
About Money?? Reply

Marc London May 2, 2021
in response to Anonymous:

Racism is hardwired into the human psyche like sexuality. Reply

jesse kaellis Nanaimo January 17, 2017

Beautiful. I loved this. Very strong. Excellent insights and delivery. No doubt! Forget about making them like us. We have a right to live. An obligation. Reply

Anonymous Washington December 22, 2013

ps to Jeff-do not know if other went through You do not have to deal with it at all. They can deal with it. there should be a Jewish platform among ourselves-to deal with critiicism and controversy. Anti Jewishness is the oldest racism of the world, it is unreasonable, and now in fashion. Reply

Anonymous Bellingham WA. December 22, 2013

postscript to Jeff There is a deep hate of Jews that is taught. Anti-Jewishness is the oldest racism of the world. It is unreasonable. It is now fashionable even among liberals. You don't have to answer or deal with it at all. The best antidote, (and i've had decades of attempted trial) is just what the rabbi said., and learnings from this website. Yes, we should deal with these criticisms-with ourselves, not with people who hate us, who are taught-from their religion as well, and who murdered our ancestors and families. Reply

Ben Katuin New Zealand December 22, 2013

Jews/Hebrews/Israelites. Ben He talks only about Jews but in reality he should use the term Hebrews, because Jews came later. Using Jews gives confusion. Jews are Israelites but not al Israelites are Jews. Reply

Anonymous December 22, 2013

Hello Jeff,
i've had some years and experience of dealing with this, and the criticisms, and attempts to dialogue.The results were almost 100% of what Rabbi Gordon has said.
Any family, couple, institution has to reflect on itself, and engage in some looking at oneself, etc. Point: Jews are two tenths of one percent of the Earth's population. Israel takes up how much land? Do the people who criticize the state of Israel consider why the state of Israel exists? Do Christians admit that Jesus was Jewish and lived a totally Jewish life? In terms of banking and commerce, how much our critics acknowledge that just about all mid-Eastern nationals, peoples have been, are involved, and historically, in trade and commerce? And that the U.S. gives almost as much $ to Saudi Arabia as it does Israel?
More importantly: the U.S. supposedly has some foundation on the individual and religious freedom, etc. Does this mean that every Jew/ needs to be assaulted by criticism anywhere-? Reply

Jeff Blom California December 22, 2013

Are we Jews always above criticism? Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon is a wonderful storyteller and I enjoyed this talk immensely. But is the rabbi telling us that every criticism that people make of Jews is ill founded? I am a Jew who carries my head high. However, I have to admit that we Jews are not a perfect people - no people are. In fact I would say that some of the complaints against us are well-founded or at least worth considering. Shouldn't we reflect on and consider the criticisms that are made of us by others? The attitude that we Jews are never to blame when criticized and that the criticism itself is anti-Semitic in and of itself opens us to criticism of being arrogant. This question is asked humbly. Reply

Anonymous Bellingham WA. December 22, 2013

Thank You very much. I've had very long tsirris with this problem, also not having been taught really as a child to deal with it, and in younger years mistaken for being Hispanic, Native, etc.
Through listening and accessing Chabad teaching, and lately in particular Manis Friedman, and some of the women teachers, I've been lead back. Your broadcast today is particularly helpful; although I am now an old woman alone and poor, i feel validation, and enough to be a Jewess and 'go on'. Toda Rabah. Reply

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