It's All in the Name

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It's All in the Name

A deeper look into the names of Miriam, Moshe and G-d, and how understanding our own names and abilities can help us access our soul powers.
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Moses, Miriam, Names; Naming, Shemot

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Larry Zweig Germany January 16, 2023

Yashe Koyach!
Why the enslavement and why the Shoah I can see, but can we accept the reasoning for HaShem letting the Babylonians & Romans destroy the Temple and expel us from the land (...ומפני חטאינו גלינו מארצנו )?? Reply

Linda Klein Seal Beach January 11, 2023

Very interesting talk. I learned that my mother's name, Mary, had rebel qualities. I don't recall that she was so much that other that her wanting to be a pediatrician but then she had me. I turned 75 yesterday and was delighted to find out that quality in me came from her.
Can you share what the names Lotti, my bubble, Slata, my hebrew name and Linda Mean or the qualities they imbue ?

Thank you. Reply

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