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What’s the Big Deal with Names?

Parshah Curiosities: Shemot

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What’s the Big Deal with Names?: Parshah Curiosities: Shemot

The second book of the Torah, which is called the Book of Names, begins with again listing the names of the twelve tribes. Explore the importance and influence of a name, and other intriguing curios on Jewish names. For example, why don’t we find reference to anyone being named Gad and Asher – names from the twelve tribes – throughout the entire Talmudic era?
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Names; Naming, Jewish Name, Exodus, Shemot

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Anonymous December 30, 2015

Gad... maybe that's where the origin of the English word G-d?
pure speculation, but interesting Reply

Cirel Lipskier Crown Heights, NY December 30, 2015

Names 1 Who were the ones mentioned in the first enumeration of names that weren't alive in the beginning of Shemois? (I think you mentioned that in the beginning of the Shiur)
2 So how do you explain the name Rabbi Yishmoel. He was even a kohain Godol.
3 So could you explain how Gad and Asher came back?
4 and not related, do you know who the husband of Kimchis is?
Thank you. Reply

Sylvia U.K. December 30, 2015

Thank you Thank you, for the interesting discussion. Reply

1 candle missouri December 30, 2015

Thank you Thank g-d we're humans, and prone to mistakes. We can only hope to learn from our mess ups. I care to much about all your efforts in helping to light the world. Reply

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