Till When Do You Need to Be Mr. Nice Guy?

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Till When Do You Need to Be Mr. Nice Guy?

It’s nice to be nice … until something of vital importance is at stake. (“Parsha Perks” with Dr Michael Chighel | Vayigash)
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Bruce McLaughlin Mount Juliet September 21, 2023

I hope you had as much fun making this beauty of a lesson as I had enjoying it. Thanks !! Reply

Anonymous Montreal via chabad.org January 29, 2020

brutally accurate in its depiction of canadians Reply

Anonymous January 5, 2020

Love it! So so creative entertaining and educational. Reply

Anonymous January 4, 2020

Wow, well done! I really enjoyed that, thank you! Reply

Daniel Frank Toronto January 4, 2020

Sweet Tooth Too much sugar for a dime... Reply

Regina Toronto January 4, 2020

Genius and incredible presentation!!!! Reply

Chris Franklin bostic January 4, 2020

The first one I saw was the Rabbi doing the impersonation of the Godfather Being Italian he had me convinced. This is a creative, and instructive way to communicate the parasha. Great for kids, teens and yes even adults. Now I am motivated to delve into the details of the sages comments. Judah confronted boldly the one, second only to Paraoh in defense of Benjamin. What hutspah and demonstration of teshuva for what he did to his other brother Yosif. Keep it up Rabbi! Reply

NM TLV January 3, 2020

Um, that was interesting. (And Aweome) What did I just watch!? That was insane. Totally unexpected way to sneak in a parshat hashavuah and jewish lesson. Very impressive, for realz. Props! Well done good friends :)! Reply

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