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Sacred Mirrors

The Laver in the Holy Temple

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Sacred Mirrors: The Laver in the Holy Temple

A deeper meaning to why the copper wash-basin in the Temple was made from mirrors used by the Jewish women to beautify themselves throughout their slavery in Egypt.
The Laver  
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Sexuality, Chassidism, Women, Femininity & Feminism, Dwelling for G-d in the Physical World, Ki Tisa, Kiyor, Vayak'hel

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Aaron LA February 24, 2022

Fantastic! I reiterated this to my wife and children tonight at dinner... loved it... Reply

Nancy H. Honolulu, HI February 21, 2022

Thank you Rabbi Moishe New for your Chassidic stories and Torah lessons which are always inspiring, sweet to the ear, and elevates my soul. Reply

Esther Mandella Destin, Florida August 24, 2017

I enjoyed this very much! Reply

Jean Oakes Battle Ground, WA April 2, 2012

The Laver message This is such an awesome teaching- such food for my soul!

Thank you for presenting this, Rabbi Moshe. May Hashem continue to bless the words of your mouth. Reply

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