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Ten for the Price of One

Yitro Parshah Report

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Ten for the Price of One: Yitro Parshah Report

The Parshah Report this week has been preempted by an infomercial. Get your credit card ready.
Ten Commandments, Yitro

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A boy named Tzvi Pomona July 13, 2021

I'm going into 6th grade and when I do I am supposed to know all 10 commandments I had a hard time remembering them but after watching this parish report I feel like I know them a lot better now thank you Itche kadoozy show. Reply

Rey The Resistance February 18, 2017

WASOME!!!!!! Torah is free and easy to find! (Look in Shemot) That's why this video is funny! Reply

M. Diane Flushing May 30, 2016

i love Jono and G=Fish!! so adorable! Reply

C.G N.Y March 17, 2016

Nice clip CUTE!!!!! Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 25, 2016

Nice. Gives a good point. Reply

Anonymous Western Canada via May 12, 2015

If you are concerned about the use of $$$ . . . Please make sure to listen to the "lawyers chorus" at the very end. That is all part of it.

I have used this clip to discuss the 10 commandments with a Bar Mitzvah boy I am studying with. We've done it in 4 segments which allows us to pay attention to the nuances only adults can appreciate. For example, the idea of "it will change your life . . ." and the piece " . . . a monotheistic approach . . ." is a perfect opening to the question, why are the 10 Commandments are life changing to the extent that they are world famous? Isn't it full of simple things like not to murder, steal, to honor parents? Both I and my student found this to work really well. Reply

Anonymous Clearlake, CA June 3, 2014

The Ten Commandments What a delightful video! Period!

I cannot believe some of the comments that G-d would not like the price $$$. This video is a spoof! The only thing that was meant to be taken seriously were "The Ten Commandments." The video was a wonderful and clever use of humor.

Todah rabah. Reply

J R Israel North Highlands June 1, 2014

Ten for The Price of One FUNNY. GREAT. THANKS. I have been a professional puppeteer, using puppets to tell stories from the Tanakh, for children and this is one of the best presentations I have seen. Reply

anonymous June 1, 2014

to the latest comment of course, no one needs to buy the 10 commandments, or call anyone with a fake phone number to order it. Reply

itche nyc January 18, 2014

uh really you use an international number and it does not work plus nobody should pay Reply

Barbara Spalding* Westminster, CA May 22, 2012

The Ten Commandments Delightful Reply

Rabbi Rosenfeld and grade 3 Melbourne, Australia February 9, 2012

Grade 3Yeshivah Melbourne We learnt alot by watching this video.
Thanks sooooo much.

We like to do Mitzvos for free and be rewarded.

We tried to call the long number and we heard Hashem speaking Reply

Anonymous balt, md February 8, 2012

ten commandments itchakadoozy video This video is really funny. Do you think Hashem would like this? This was a really good video are you going to make more about this? Nice video! We think it was very funny and humorous! This video was awesome! These parsha videos always make us laugh!I wonder how many people call the fake phone number! How much are your taxes? What was the phone number again? Nice backgrounds! IThese videos make me happy when I watch them and are fun to watch! We hope you like our comments. Reply

Ephraim Zas johannesburg, RSA June 6, 2011

chuckle After having a chuckle watching the ten commandments episode, i suddenly felt that the episode actually made a farce of G-d's laws. Putting them into an infomercial?
Advertising them as a product one can purchase? Or not?
(If you saw this clip on aljazeera wouldn't you be offended??)
I see the humour in it, but really, don't you feel you have stooped very low trying to create some humour around accepting the commandments?
There must be a way of grabbing kids' attention, and enthusiasm without degrading the importance and holiness of G-d's first and foremost laws. Reply

Keren anne Petaluma, Israel January 22, 2011

This would be a wonderful info commercial and 19.95 is to low of a price.

It's worth Much Much More. Reply

anonymous hdhdhhdh September 10, 2020
in response to Keren anne:

something arounf a bajilion dollars plus. Reply

ephraim male adomim, israel August 3, 2010

LOL !!!!!! this was a very fuuny episode but i dont think that G-d liked the $$$ part

but keep up the good work! Reply

Kadosh and fabian May 19, 2010

LOL!!!!! LoL, that was soo funny! Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, usa April 26, 2010

jonos funny Reply

anoyunums ima7abba February 10, 2009

LOL! Reply

Anonymous caracas, venezuela February 9, 2009

Parshas Yisro Parshas yisro is very very cool in better words wasome!!! Reply

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