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What Is an Argument for the Sake of Heaven?

When division becomes a virtue

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What Is an Argument for the Sake of Heaven?: When division becomes a virtue

Our Sages declare that Korach and his followers are the symbol of divisiveness that "will not ultimately endure"; whereas the dissenting views of Hillel and Shamai represent a virtuous difference of opinion "that will ultimately endure". But why would argument of any kind, especially one that endures forever, be considered a virtue?! In answering this question, this class traces the origins of all conflicts and reveals the ultimate resolution to them all. (Based on the Maamar Vayikach Korach 5767)
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Ethics of the Fathers, Machloket, Korach

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Steven October 6, 2021

Are there any apologists for Korah? Reply

Levi Y Rapoport Brooklyn June 2, 2021

Why is this in Parshas Shlach instead of Parshas Korach? Reply

This class analyzes an aspect of the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holiday. While providing a basic understanding of the subject matter, the lesson delves into its deeper and more complex dimensions with emphasis on the spiritual relevance to our daily lives. Inspiration for both the novice and advanced student.
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