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Why Jews Give So Much Charity

The one who gives receives more!

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Why Jews Give So Much Charity: The one who gives receives more!

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Charity, Re'eh

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Anonymous August 13, 2017

Slightly more specifically, the life of the giver that might be saved could be even me or you. Thanks Rabbi & 'Chasiva V'chasima Tova L'shana Tova U'mesuka.' Reply

Alicia Madrid September 2, 2016

Worthing Dear Rabbi Yacov Barber,
thanks this Friday for your nice words. I am really getting using to your wise teaching for my Shabat spiritual gathering.
I am completely agree with you, being generous is not necessary linked to the financial state, but with the soul quality. That is why I really enjoy giving my best feelings with cooking cakes or sweets to give to people and with sharing my best smile with them, rather than giving some impersonal coins that probably will only last a few minutes.
Shabat Shalom Reply

Feigele September 1, 2016

To share is the chain that unify us all! Children have to be taught to share and to give, we are not born with all qualities and skills. We might not receive materially more of what we give, but we surely feel as if we have accomplished a good deed, which makes us happy. Reply

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