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What Are the Last Two Words of the Torah?

Concluding on the same note as we began

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What Are the Last Two Words of the Torah?: Concluding on the same note as we began

After reading the Torah for a year, here is how we finally conclude…
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Simchat Torah, Jewishness; Jewish Identity, Vezot Hab'rachah

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A.Alo U.K August 29, 2020

Richly blessed by your inspiring and insightful words Rabbi Yacov Barber. Thank you.
May the memory of your beloved wife remain always an abiding blessing. Reply

Anonymous November 18, 2019

Am Israel Chai Reply

Adele Mischel Boston October 21, 2019

Thank you Rabbi for your powerful words. I believe them, and as a Shoah survivor, appreciate them more than ever. Not always in my life, understanding the full impact of what this truly means, I do now, facing the last illness in my life. Reply

Jenifer Nech Houston October 20, 2019

Thank you very much. We are all Israel! Reply

George H Waters Derby October 19, 2019

Absolutely Beautiful Rabbi.... May Hashem Bless You and Your Family Always. Reply

Anonymous October 15, 2017

Thank you Rabbi for your beautiful message, I am glad to have stumbled upon it now after Shabbos Bereishis. Thank you for your kind wishes, I am certain that everyone watching any of your recordings wishes only the best for you and would like to return these Brachas twice! Thank you. Reply

Michael Plotycia Coos Bay, OR October 11, 2017

Thank you Rabbi. That was beautiful and really touched my heart.
Michael Plotycia Reply

Charles Netanya October 11, 2017

Last two words Moadim Lsimcha to you and your family Rabbi. It is 10 to 8 in the morning here in Netanya where I sit drinking a cup of English tea in my sukkah watching your video. Originally from London, my family and I made Aliya this year so it is out first sukkot in this country. Your words are wonderful, and inclusive and inspiring. I have never written to someone publicly on the Internet before but you have inspired me to do this. I let you go from strength to strength, and have a healthy and happy 5778. Please feel free to reply to me, as my wife has a cousin who lives in Caufield. Charles Reply

Raul Avalos Guatemala October 10, 2017

Are you really sure, in the beginning, that יהוה created the world just for the jews, with all respect? I am interested in knowing why! Thanks for your reply. Reply

Ursula Ljungqvist Copenhagen, Denmark October 21, 2016

May HaSham bless you It breaks my heart to learn that you have lost your beloved wife.
I read and listen to your teachings and I am pleased with the insight, comfort and joy that your words bring. I cannot write anything that will lighten your grief, I shall but assure you that I share it and know it. My husband died at the age of 46 and I have raised my 2 sons on my own. I am not Jewish, but I am on the path to become part of the Jewish people and your teachings help me to learn little by little.
Thank you for all that you do and are! Reply

estther barber October 21, 2016

thank you Rabbi Barber As always so inspirational &comforting
may Hashem bless you & your family EB Syd. Australia Reply

Alicia Madrid October 20, 2016

Thanks Dear Rabbi Jacov Barber,

thanks for your comforting words in these storm days of my life. Only ONE, just ONE, precisely ONE, for ever and ever. Shabat Shalom. Reply

S UK October 17, 2016

Thank you Thank you Rabbi Barber,

May HaShem continue to bless your hard work Reply

Jerry Polonsky Levittown, Pa.,USA August 25, 2017
in response to S:

Words fail me in expressing my deepest appreciation for your most inspiring and informative messages.
May Hashem continue his greatest blessings upon you and your family and further grant you strength and comfort on the loss of your beloved wife. Reply