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Why You Need to Write Your Own Torah

The Torah as a self-help book

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Why You Need to Write Your Own Torah: The Torah as a self-help book

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S U.K. October 5, 2016

Writing out Torah Dear Rabbi Barber,

Writing out Torah passages, does help me to begin to realise today is as yesterday and will be tomorrow. That is,it is only man's ego that believes there is change.

Each generation deteriorates and self destructs. Nothing is new, man can only create with the blessing of HaShem, man will only discover with the blessing of HaShem.

I had the privilege to temporarily live with a bedouin community whom, lived a life according to the will of G-d, this too has enabled me to value the teaching of the Torah and have the grace to experience how when everyone values the laws and commandments of HaShem, we can truly live in peace and harmony.

Thank you for your lively, enlightening discussions.

May HaShem bless you and your family for all your hard work and commitment. Reply

Rabbi Yacov Barber sth caulfield September 25, 2016

correction Listening to the video I realise that I said 'the hebrew word for father is the same hebrew word for memory'. What I meant to say was 'the hebrew word for male is the same hebrew word for memory'.