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When You Feel Like a Grasshopper

Does it matter how others view you?

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When You Feel Like a Grasshopper: Does it matter how others view you?

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Self Esteem; Self Confidence, Spies, Shlach

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M. Diane Flushing, NY July 6, 2016

Hold on thar a second, please, Anonymous! ^.^ Flushing changed her position.. It can happen. After a little 'discussion' with Rabbi Stern of this Chabad, it became clear that my general understanding of the definition of 'spy' was wrong. Once I looked up the word I found the basic definition certainly does fit the activities of the 'scouts' Moses and Joshua sent out. Thanks, though! Reply

Leah July 5, 2016

The Hebrew word really means to survey I believe the Hebrew word for "spies" is "meraglim" and the word repeatedly found in this parsha is "tur", meaning to "tour" or "survey" they were surveyors I would venture to say but I guess the question remains as to why these surveyors are always referred to as "meraglim"-spies. Then again, the same root of the word "meraglim" can mean to "slander" so I guess that's it. Also the root can mean "leg" which leads me to think of them travelling on foot to survey the Land. Reply

Anonymous Rutland July 1, 2016

Thank you for the positive reinforcement. I half agree with the reconnaissance idea from Flushing, NY. In Moses time literature and ideas were conceived much differently. I guess that's why the term "spy" was used. I also agree with all the anonymous views. No hard boiled egg for you! Reply

Anonymous June 30, 2016

This is a keeper!! No hard boiled egg I will review this often and have sent it out to everyone i know, Jew and Gentile alike. It is that good!!! Reply

Alicia Madrid June 30, 2016

Proprioception Dear Yacov Barber, Shalom,
I also vote no hard boiled egg for you... ;)
I am very interested in the spies affirmation "We felt as small as grasshoppers, and that’s how we must have looked to them", because that is very related to proprioception and how we feel and percieve our own identity and corporal expression. I was wondering, more mirrors should be all around to help people to feel and express what they need to. Reply

A Lauer Toronto June 29, 2016

How could those leaders of such a high level have such low self image? After all they had just gone through!! or is it exposing the frailty of the male brain?
Could it be perhaps that, in this day and age we are giving them more kavod than what they merited because of the 'low level' we are at now in time?
Another comparison would be how we give kavod to Noach 'righteous in his time' vs. had he been righteous had he lived in Abraham's time.
But it definitely expresses perfectly the idea of 'mob mentality' - 10 of the 12 spies 'sold' their idea to chol Israel, seemingly without a struggle! all too common now a days every where Reply

Anonymous June 28, 2016

WOW ok that was simply AWESOME. Reply

M. Diane Flushing, NY June 28, 2016

Reconnaissance Scouts v Spies Thank you for this very positive lecture. I vote no hard boiled egg for you. Rabbi Barber, my question has been banging around in my brain for some weeks. Why are those who scouted out the territory that was identified as our future land referred to as spies? Why not call them scouts or a reconnaissance team? Isn't there a difference? Are not spies those who are willing to use any method to get secret and valuable information that can not be readily observed? But reconnaissance scouts go ahead (stealthily, to be sure) and get as close as they can to observe what can be seen with the eye (lenses allowed) without special hidden software, without planting undercover agents, without manipulating those with information they want into vulnerable situations to pressure them to do what they want, without blackmail, etc. Do I have this wrong? Is there some benefit to calling our reconnaissance team, 'spies' as opposed to something else? I would prefer to call them something... 'prettier.' Peace Reply

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