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How to Maintain a Steady Relationship with G-d

Why Judaism is alive and vibrant today!


How to Maintain a Steady Relationship with G-d: Why Judaism is alive and vibrant today!

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Anonymous Jerusalem September 15, 2016

So informative and enjoyable I have to tear myself away from the screen - what wonderful, brilliant and cleverly presented lectures! One can be envious [in this case, it's OK] of the congregants in Australia.
Thank you so, so much for the enlightening lessons presented so tastefully and entertainingly. Y'yasha koah Reply

Devorah Western NY June 24, 2016

Oh my goodness that was BEAUTIFUL I have never been so moved as I was this morning through you share of "bread". Glorious, simply glorious. So simple and heart felt. I would have to compare this to teaching all of Torah while standing on one foot but it was teaching us the love generated by walking Torah on two. This morning will indeed be a tearful morning of reflection and joy. Thank you so much Blessings to you and yours always Reply

Alicia Madrid June 24, 2016

Thanks G-d will help us.. Reply

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