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Confronting Hate!

Parshah Curiosities: Behaalotecha


Confronting Hate! : Parshah Curiosities: Behaalotecha

An intriguing overview of the biblical account of the Sinai desert journeys led by the Ark of G-d segues into two of the most famous yet least understood verses in the entire Chumash. It was with this formula that Moses prayerfully petitioned G-d for our protection, and tucked into its folds are the profoundest answer to the tragic yet historic pernicious anti-Semitism that has persisted for millennia. The timely and burning question: “Why do they hate us?” is frankly and candidly approached from an entirely new perspective. Discover a Torah-true take, and find out why identifying real haters empowers us to defeat them.
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Israelites' Desert Journey, Antisemitism, Behaalotecha

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Avi June 12, 2017

Thank you for the class.

On the same line of reasoning, it may be possible that haters to run "Yanusu" implies an ultimate return.

If I not mistaken, the Chassidic literature discusses at length the meaning behind a test from Gd, "Nisayon"; as ascertaining the individuals commitment to Gd's power and will, and once that is accomplished the test/hardship passes. Which leads to the ultimate miracle "Nies". I believe this is discussed at length in the Chassidic development of the healing snakes.

If this is correct it would show on the complete reversal of the Haters you discuss; which would be the ultimate "Dira" Reply

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