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The Enigma of Eliezer

Parsha Curiosities: Chayei Sarah

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The Enigma of Eliezer: Parsha Curiosities: Chayei Sarah

Abraham’s famous servant looms large in the Bible with many virtuous qualities attributed to him in our sacred tradition. Yet, his master seems unable to trust him without administering a sacred oath. Why would such an outstandingly righteous person be so distrusted? This fascinating offering peels away the mysterious layers shrouding this legendary figure, to reveal his true identity.
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Marriage of Isaac & Rebecca, Eliezer, Chayei Sarah

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Alexander Sender crown heights October 26, 2020

In medrash Talpio,t written by Hamekubal Rav Eliyahu Hacohen of Izmir about 300 years ago, he writes in entry "Eliezer" (the entries are written in alphabetical order) Eliezer did a kabalistic concept called "Pirud" which basically means separating the bad side of ones neshama into another body. The bad side became Og Melech Haboshon and the good side became Blessed (as Lavan said "בא ברוך ה') and he entered into Gan eiden alive. Reply

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