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Joshua and the Upstarts

Torah Portion of Behaalotecha

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Joshua and the Upstarts: Torah Portion of Behaalotecha

Joshua's reaction to a perceived threat to the honor of his beloved teacher, Moses.
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rg EY June 7, 2012

excellent class, but??? a prophet is not allowed to keep his mouth shut, he's liable for the death penalty if he doesn't publicize his prophecy, so what were Eldad and Meidad to do? Reply

Editor, Jewish.TV via June 20, 2011

The Rest of the Series This class, "Joshua and the Upstarts" is part 1 of a 3 part series called "Follow the Leader."

If you look on the top of your screen, right under the Jewish.TV banner, there is little writing there called a "cookie crumb trail." It shows you a path from the homepage of all the way to your current page. It looks like THIS: » Video » Torah Classes » Follow the Leader » Joshua and the Upstarts

Click on "Follow the Leader" and you will see all the parts of the series,

You can use this "trick" anywhere in Jewish.TV or Reply

M H June 17, 2011

where are the other parts of the series? or at least the conclusion of the thought the class ended with? Reply

Anonymous **, USA May 26, 2010

Joshua and the Upstarts... Shalom... I loved the Shiur you did concerning how Moses went up to the Mt. Sinai...and the Children of Israel stayed below...hearing and seeing what HaShem spoke to you all. I was thinking of something when you said that. The Mountain was like a "timeless" place where HaShem dwells.... and Moses went to that timeless place with HaShem... but the Children of Israel was below... on the other side of the "fenced area".... so they would not cross over to that timeless place. The other night I heard a Rabbi speak of how time is like a "fence" to us... When HaShem created man, He placed a "fence" around us... TIME.... that would surround us this world...and it made me think of how there was a fence around Mt. Sinai... a fence to keep you and everyone from crossing over to that timeless place...but Moses was permitted to cross that fence... to that timeless place... where he did not need food or water, or even physical needs because he's with HaShem in that timeless place.??? Reply

Elaine Ferrand Jersey, U.K. May 26, 2010

Excellent class. Wonderful speaker! The emotion shone through! Please continue with these classes on the weekly Torah portions!! I personally find them helpful with my studies as I do not have access to centers of learning. Reply

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